The Summerbank Tapes - Demo 2010​/​2011

by Living Monstrosity



This release comprises two recording sessions conducted during Easter 2010 and Easter 2011 at Summerbank House in Tunstall, Stoke-On-Trent.
In the years between the recording and release of these songs the sound of the band has evolved (much as it did between the first and second recording sessions), and thus these songs have been relegated to 'demo' status.
These recording were made with the assistance of Christopher Bagnall (Vocals, guitar, writer and co-writer of tracks 2 and 5) and Matt Johnson (Session Drums on all tracks).

To check out what Chris is up to nowadays, head on over to his art website -


released September 1, 2013

Tom Hubball - Guitar and Vocals on all tracks.
Matt Johnson - Session Drummer on all tracks.
Chris Bagnall - Guitar and Vocals on tracks 1-5.

All music and lyrics written by Tom Hubball, except track 2; music by Chris Bagnall, and track 5; music written by Chris Bagnall/Tom Hubball.



all rights reserved


Living Monstrosity Stoke On Trent, UK

Living Monstrosity is an extreme metal band, based in Stoke-On-Trent.

After beginning in early 2010, the band existed as a one man project until spring 2016 when the addition of more members allowed it to move into the live arena.

Starting in 2013 the band began to release music on line, including two albums (In An Otherwise Fertie Forest and Uproot), as well as several demos and EP's.
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Track Name: The 9th Circle (2010 Demo)
Watch it flow
Eyes glazed, lost in the stars
Stripped and beaten by the wind you crack
The sky speaks but you only see the black
Watch it flow
Rejuvenate our soil, only to burn again
In it's ashes nothing grows


Burn, now look up at me
Into the eyes to which you lied so many times
Lie to them again and burn

Trampled into dirt
A shallow grave
Burn, and rise again
Eternal liar
Eternal fire, burn.

(solo: Bagnall)
(solo: Hubball)
Track Name: You're Only Here To Die (2010 Demo)
Universal mind, bring forth your own demise
Your desperate cries bleed the heaving earth before your eyes
Eons wondering why, but you're only hear to die
Natures dead end try, bringer of your own demise

Crashing down worldwide

Monuments erupt
By the earth you shunned
Fire black the sky
You're only here to die

Eons wondering why, but you're only here to die
Crashing down worldwide
Track Name: Suffer As One (2010 Demo)
War, inside my head
One more day and I'll wind up dead
Carve it all out to set myself free
Breathe deep, to be free is to bleed

Breathe through the blade, bit the pain
Severed from mind to suffer as one
Pain cleanse pain
Pain engraved
Cleanse with the blade and suffer as one

Pain, transcend to higher planes
Bleed for freedom, a peace regained
Pain, to bleed is the key
Suffer as one and be free

Pain cleanse pain
Pain engraved
Cleanse with the blade and suffer as one
Scars from the mind, you're damned for all time
Suffer as one
Power through pain
Track Name: U.F.E.W.C. (2010 Demo)
Obsession for attention, flaunt flesh because it is all you have
A void of empty space behind your lifeless eyes
Clawing to the top your humanity dies

Come crawling back to the ones you forced to crawl
Where is this strength you had?
Not so strong anymore

Ignored now you crave us more
Not so strong any more liar

Useless fragile empty worthless c*nt.
Track Name: Golgothan (2010 Demo)
I lie awake eternal, no respite in my slumber
My eyes burn within my mind, where it is your domain
Your acid in my veins

Oh scorching pain!
Oh dull misery
Haunted by the smile that I stripped away
It is forever engraved in me
Your disgust and your loathing

I remember well that look of pure disgust
Why must I be scorned by one I love so much
I've fallen so deep, condemned for all to see
Your acid in my veins, will this ever end?

Burn all that conspire
Burn all the liars
Suffer like me

I've fallen so deep, condemned for all to see
Your acid in my veins, will this ever end?

(solo: Hubball)
(solo: Bagnall)
Track Name: Putting It Bluntly (2011 Demo)
Stupidity is all I see
You are a plague, you are disease
You make us sick, you drag us down
It never ends, in shit we drown

All I want is to sit around and watch this world come crumbling down
Engulfed in flame, you are erased and I will die with smile on face

Pass the time, death on my mind, escape from life
All that's left is to forget and await death
Track Name: Indifference (2011 Demo)
World of mediocrity, festering in apathy
Millions left to starve and bleed, what did you expect to see?

Hatred despair murder suicide
Fuck it - no one cares.

Are you any better? No you're fucking not
Sit back enjoy their antics, for just like them you'll rot
Born to die

Hatred despair murder suicide
Fuck it - no one cares
Breathing with a broken mind that's shattered, and can't repair
Fuck it - no one cares

So this shit means nothing, your shit just means less
Now the end is coming, this world is not meant to last

Love joy laughter life
Fuck it - no one cares
Track Name: Crash Or Burn (2011 Demo)
Acrid smoke fills my lungs
My throat is scorched, my flesh is boiled
Burnt alive by searing fuel
Choke and burn for a fucking fool

Fall through sky, a perfect day
A clear blue sky the last thing I see
I hear the screams of the crowds below who watch me die as I collide with stone

Crash or burn, running out of time
In here I boil, out there I fly
I won't be forced, I'll choose how I die
Decision time, do I burn or fly?

I choose when I die
I choose hot I die

Crash or burn